Welcome to Burchett's Baskets and gift shop. My name is Christina Burchett and I live in Naples,Florida.  One thing I have always enjoyed is going to places and finding those small "mom and pop" type locations that have items that are made at the crack of dawn, in a small workshop, on their family's farm that has been in their family for generations.

There is nothing like buying a chunk of soap that is made with the orange zest from the tree outside, and honey from the bees kept on the property.  And how awesome is it to support nature by using what's made in nature?! I give you my personal guarantee any item found here at Burchett's Basket's was made the old fashion way with only simple all natural ingredients. 

Everyone should have access to the finest, purest, farm to body, products that are available today. 


Simply Bee



Giving you the Best is what matters

   I founded Burchett's Baskets LLC with one goal in mind: providing a high-quality, smart, and reliable outlet to access items you can't drive to any local market to get. My passion for nature and my LOVE of this beautiful Planet has driven me from the beginning, and continues to drive me into the future. I know that every product counts, and strive to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding as possible. Burchett's Baskets LLC ( and more )  is a platform to share the great treasures made by local farmers and craftsmen here in Naples,Fl. I specialize in finding local treasures to offer you. Burchett's Baskets offer only products that are made with simple ingredients, made by hand, NOT industrial commercial machines. Whether you just want to grab a quick something, or you want to call me to put together that perfect gift for that special someone, I have just one thing to say - WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!


Hi Folks, Christina Burchett here,

Lets chat for a second; What I have I am willing to share. If you know someone that has helped you make any positive changes in your life-Call me directly and I will send them a Basket for FREE! Happy Heart Basket :)Because I too have a Happy Heart. My name is Christina Burchett and My Heart Is Happy! Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. :)