This online gift shop was founded by regular everyday folk. I'm Christina Burchett and I love and respect the people that take the time to make only the best,purest products from nature.
In today's times it's almost like you have to take a college course to understand what is in the product that is being absorbed by your skin; this should not be so. As a whole I am seeing more people caring about what they put in their body, so why not care what you put on your body?! I am fortunate enough to live in an area that has Bee Farmers and Farmers that make different types of bath and body products that are oh so wonderful to nourish your skin with to sustain health and good condition gently. I have a great time putting together these baskets and love being able to share our local superstars products with you all. Please take the time to look around and give me a buzz for any special requests you may have. I love helping someone in a pinch btw.