So the Just BEE basket got it's name from the fact everything is made from beezwax honeycomb and honey from the same 4th generation honey farm here in North Ft. Meyers. Hand Crafted and Hand Made, Anti-Inflammatory, Organic Bee Basket. Everything is made in small batches as ordered with pure love and care. Why not buy all natural,why not buy straight from the farm made? Products made with ingredients including goats milk, fresh orange zest,raw, low temp , unprocessed honey. Support our bees. Buying items like these actually help our plant.

I Love Bees Deluxe Basket

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  • Standard basket includes body scrub, bath bomb, jar of raw unprocessed honey,two kinds of soap, hand poured candle and honeycomb candles.

    You get alot for a little,that's for sure. Remember these aren't products you can get anywhere other than SWFL. All products in the Just Bee Basket promote a local Honey Farm. We Love Bees Around Here!